Sakhrah Women’s Society Cooperative

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Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

Global Issue Areas:

Extreme Poverty and Hunger, Gender Equality, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability

Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative focuses on organizing small, community based, income generating projects to support women in starting their own business and making an income.


Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative Program

Sakhrah Women’s Society organizing income generating projects such as crop harvesting and drying vegetables, cleaning grains and packaging crops, a dairy production unit, and a needlework workshop.

Sakhrah Women’s Society Cooperative is a cooperative where the profits are equally distributed to all members involved. This allows the members to begin their own income generating projects with the profits and support their families.

The Cooperative also offers loans to cooperative members to help start their own small businesses. The Cooperative has assisted in offering over 800 loans to women in the Middle East.


Why the Need

Women in rural Jordan and throughout the Middle East are subjected to oppression and extreme poverty with little to no voice to create change. They are limited by social, economic, and institutional/legal blockades that keep them from having an active role in decision making

The role of women in rural areas in Jordan are predominantly in the house and work on the farm, preventing them from seeking work outside of the home or accessing education. These women play a significant role in crop production but female farm workers receive two thirds to one half of the daily wages earned by men for carrying out the same task. In addition, women in the Arab world have limited access to loans or credit be able to start their own business. They lack the education on basic finances and material assets to qualify for a loan. Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative provides women the necessary training and small loans they need to start businesses and make an income.


How Team Efforts Translate to Impact

All funds raised for Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative will help the Cooperative provide trainings and loans to women in communities across Jordan.


How Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative Creates Sustainable Global Change

Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative educates and empowers women in rural areas throughout Jordan to begin their own income generating projects, which supports the local economy and allow women to become active decision makers and contributors to their communities.

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