New Global Citizens programs are organized around one or more of the following global issues. NGC Global Issues are based on NGC student input, the UN Millennium Development Goals and the belief that EVERY YOUNG PERSON can play a role in solving them!

  • Extreme Poverty & Hunger

    Half the planet lives in extreme poverty, which means living on less than $2 a day.

  • Universal Education

    115 million children cannot attend school.

  • Gender Equality

    Women perform 66% of the world's work and produce half of the food, but only own 1% of the farmland.

  • Child Mortality

    6 million children who die each year could be saved with inexpensive medicine.

  • Maternal Health

    In the developing world, one woman dies every 20 minutes from complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

  • Epidemics

    Since the 1980s, more than 60 million have been infected with HIV, and 25 million have died from related causes.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Every day an average of 1000 children die due to water- and sanitation-related diseases—many are easily preventable.

  • Economic Sustainability

    74% of inhabitants of developed countries are Internet users, compared with only 26% of inhabitants of developing countries.

  • Armed Conflict

    In the past decade 2 million children have been killed in armed conflict.

  • Natural Disasters

    Since 1975 we have experienced a five-fold increase in natural disasters.


    NGC Global Projects are in every corner of the world. They are grassroots, community-led organizations that are addressing NGC Global Issues in their community.

    New Global Citizens believes that the solutions to the NGC Global Issues lie in each and every one of us. Many times the best solutions come from people who experience issues like poverty, hunger, and armed conflict first hand. For too long, charities, politicians, and development groups believed they could come in as outsiders and “fix” whatever problems were faced by the world’s poor. But this approach ignored the very people it was supposed to help – the people who were best placed to create change.

    NGC Global Projects are grassroots, community-based organizations that are led by local problem solvers who understand the needs of their community and are implementing sustainable solutions. Through NGC’s Afterschool and Classroom programs, students can partner directly with Global Projects and participate in real community change.

    How do we find NGC Global Projects? New Global Citizens partners with international nonprofits that are experts in finding sustainable, grassroots organizations around the world. Learn more.

    Explore the map below to see some of the many NGC Global Projects.